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Overwhelmed by the Complexity of Tips? This May Help

Dine Out in Healthy Style

If you are the type of person whose goal is to eat healthy, dining out at a restaurant might cause you unnecessary anxiety and frustration. The problem is that serving portions are often big in those places and you can eat a lot more than usual. You might just end up eating all the calories you don’t need, because you’ll never know what goes into the food.

But you don’t need to stress yourself too much about it. You don’t need to exclude yourself from your friends just because of your healthy eating lifestyle. Here are a few tips to remember on how to eat healthy when dining out with friends.

It’s very useful to check out the menu first before deciding to go any place. You will get a better idea of what food they serve if you look at their menu in advance. What would be useful for you is seeing calorie counts on the menu of a restaurant, this informs you how healthy the dish is. Sometimes restaurants print sections for ‘healthy’ or ‘light’ dishes. This helps you avoid those dishes that are calorie-rich, with cheesy and creamy sauces.

If you are not sure what the ingredients in a certain dish are, just ask your server. It is good to know if it’s fried or baked. It is good for you to be informed as this will make you less anxious about eating something you know little about, if its healthy or not.

Restaurants usually give you side orders of potatoes and fries with their dishes. If you ask your server if they can serve you a leafy salad instead when you order, they usually agree with you. But if you are a fan of baked potatoes, go ahead, just leave out the sour cream.

Restaurant will adjust to the request of their customers, especially if they ask politely. If a healthy-looking dish is rich in cream or cheese, you can ask yours to have none. Sometimes, it’s better for you to request a separate dish for your sauces so you can choose how much to put. A separate saucer for your sauces is something you should always ask for, because you can’t control how restaurants drench your greens with them.

Starters and desserts that go with these are less beneficial in your case. But if you are in the mood, pick a starter instead of a dessert. Avoid creamy soups, if you are going for a soup. But the best thing to have are salads, without the bacon or cheese.

If you will have wine, a glass is enough.