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3 Good Reasons for Residential Repiping

If a homeowner is tired of dealing with plumbing issues such as damaged piping, serious leaks or a poor-quality job, they may need residential repiping. Below are a few reasons to repipe part or all of the plumbing in a home.

Mold Issues

When mold grows, it’s a clear indicator of excess water accumulation or production. A variety of moisture-related issues can cause the growth of mold, including an undetected leak. Though damage and corrosion can cause leaking pipes, a pinhole leak is an indication that repiping is a better option than repairing the pipes. Small leaks can damage everything from walls, floors and ceilings to personal belongings. If the pipes may have such a leak, it’s best to do the job now to prevent further damage.

Water Discoloration

The water coming from a home’s pipes should be clear at all times, and even a hint of off color should be a major concern. If a homeowner notices a hint of rust or yellow in their water, it’s a sign that the pipes have a rust or corrosion problem. Rusty pipes usually aren’t repairable, and they can quickly cause property damage and leaks.

When this occurs, it’s best to call a plumber immediately. These problems don’t have to catch a person by surprise; with a service agreement, it’s possible to protect a home’s plumbing with unlimited coverage and service calls on certain plumbing parts.

Low Water Pressure

It’s all too easy to get used to plentiful water pressure in the tub and sink, and customers should take note when they see a sharp decline in the water pressure within the home. Reduced water pressure is one of the most common indications that there’s a major problem with the home’s plumbing, and if the issue is due to corrosion or an irreparable leak, it’s time for a repipe.

While most plumbing problems can be resolved with repairs, some issues are so extensive that repiping is the only viable option. Local plumbers can assess the issue and tell the owner whether it’s better to repair or replace the pipe. Call today or visit them online to schedule an evaluation.